Update: Where Have I Been!?

Hello, everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a post (about 5 months, if we’re being honest), but I wanted to let you all know that I’m back and with more gusto! I’ve got a lot of stuff planned for this blog and for my writing career, which I plan to chronicle here. This blog will continue to be advice from a young writer for young writers, but there will be changes in how I get that advice across.

First, though, I wanted to talk about my absence from this blog.

Like many people, I struggle with depression and anxiety. It’s a mental illness that I was simply born with, and one that I’m currently going to therapy to deal with. I started this blog with hopes of creating a supportive community of young writers, but as time went on I started to wonder if it was even worth it. Who am I to give advice to young writers when I’m not an established, well-known author? I’ve only had my short-stories published in a tiny literary magazine that barely anyone knows about. I have no real accomplishments, nor have I grasped the technical aspect of writing that other writers my age may have. Hell, I barely have a dozen followers on Twitter (which, by the way, you can follow here).

To be blunt: I felt worthless. Insignificant. I felt that I was a fool for even attempting to connect with others or, possibly, becoming the mentor that I wish I had when I was fifteen or sixteen years old.

It took me a long, long while, but I’ve finally realized my own self-worth. While I might not have any advice to give about the publishing side of writing, I do have advice on how to keep journals, how to pace yourself when writing, tips on how to outline short-stories, and I even plan on sharing writing prompts that have helped me whenever I felt stuck in my writing.

Anyway, I’ve gotten past my depression and my feelings of insignificance. Now, I plan to return to this blog and share my knowledge with full force!

So, what’s new?

On the creative side of things, I’ve gotten in touch with an editor who is willing to help me revise my novel! This is incredibly exciting and I look forward to working with her, especially since she’s the first published author to ever look at my work and tell me that I had talent, that my dream was worth pursuing. She’s taught me quite a few things about my own writing style, and I look forward to sharing those tips with all of you!

I’m also planning on starting a YouTube channel! I’ve been wanting to make videos about writing for the longest time, and now I’m actually going to do so! It’ll be a while before I actually upload a video since I’m still trying to get my hands on a decent webcam and microphone, but I’ve definitely started writing down some ideas for at least seven videos, with topics ranging from Camp NaNoWriMo to workshopping and more!

I’m beyond excited to begin this new chapter of my life and I would be beyond honored if you all joined me. I look forward to seeing how this blog grows and evolves from here on out.

Remember to keep on writing!

One thought on “Update: Where Have I Been!?

  1. Wow, sounds great! I totally get feelings of worthlessness too. I wish the best for your blog (and your book, and your channel)! Also, I’ll be looking forward to any advice you have. 🙂


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